I have travelled extensively throughout my life, a solo journey took me around the world in 1997. I've taken nine separate treks driving and camping across the United States. The intuitive nature of these journeys, being where to go, how to get there, where to stop, and breathing in the elements of a new and strange place or land, these are the same feelings I get when I’m painting.

I love the mystery of the unexpected, my awe of nature, and of my travels, they make up the impressions that are imprinted on my soul and translated into my work. 

As a style, my painting is directed by a ‘no thought’ process; many layers of paint, some are thick, some just washes. It’s the result of the unexpected which inspires my painting experimentation. The unconscious (‘no thought’ process) forcing the conscious to be alert and awake for it’s beauty. 

Two themes, that are in creative conflict occupy my work. They are my love of nature and it's daunting destruction at the hand of mankind. In my view nature is always the winner and man must be humble and vigilant in it’s presence and preservation. In my work there are flowers, roots, water and ice exploding, but also growing and unfurling in their determined pursuit. Painting for me is a very physical act and I have no initial concept of where I’m going besides an initial color and feeling. The act of painting takes me along for a ride traveling from one moment to the next. It’s that 'one moment' I’m trying to catch, and when I do, I know the painting is complete.

Kate Register is an artist based in Los Angeles. She attended both Rhode Island School of Design and The Cooper Union. The painter John Register (1939-1996) is her father.

All works shown are available for sale. Contact me at kregister@mac.com.



Group show traveling "Water Works ll" Glendale.
Opening reception Sept. 12th. 2016

Group Show "Water Works l " travels to MOAH for museum show.
Opening reception Sept.5th up until Oct. 25th 2015
Group Show "Water Works ll" at The Porch Gallery, Ojai, Ca. May 9th-June 6th. 2015  

Group show at The Loft at Liz's, LA, Ca. February 2015
Group watercolor show "Water Works" at The Porch Gallery, Ojai Ca. July 2014

Art residency at Skopelos Art Foundation in Greece, July 2013

Group Show at FAB Studio, Santa Monica, Ca. March 2013.
George Lawson Gallery, paintings on consignment, Culver City, Ca. August 2013

Group Show, Paradiso Gallery, 2918 SM Blvd., Santa Monica, Ca. April 2012Solo Exhibit, SemiPrecious Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca. November 2012
912 Gallery in Santa Monica, Ca. October 2011



art assistant KEN PRICE 1993–1995 

art teacher The Buxton School 1989-1991

art teacher First Pres 1994-1996